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Only if.

Yeah, only if i had something fascinating to blog about on here huh?

Boom, i found something and it’s titled only if, beautiful snippet isn’t it!?

It can mean almost anything you’d like really;


"Only if i had that"

"only if i knew"

"only  if i could tell you"

"only if i can have such and such."

"only if you knew what it meant."

See? No i don’t think you do. only you can understand it if you’d like to?

But you can’t, and you don’t the future changes when you change your answers, and the choices you make. Only if you could know, you don’t really want to, the future can hurt, the future can work against you.

But you are your only future you just have to let it go, and not to let it stop. Yeah, so the longer you live the longer future the longer you wonder, the longer the stress can sometimes last. So only if you could just keep it simple and to itself, you hold your future as well as the others you are around.

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